To PR or Not to PR? What’s in a name?

Many PR people have been blogging about the inclusion of ‘PR’ within their agency name, and many agencies are dropping the term altogether from their branding. Stu Campbell-Carran explains why the term “PR” in isolation can be limiting.


Our full business name is Mash Public Relations Limited. That says what it is. We are a limited company named Mash that does PR stuff.  But we don’t trade or market the firm using those four words - we stick to ‘Mash’. Short and sweet. It is to-the-point and memorable.

We removed the ‘PR’ from our name as we are so much more than public relations. Our work is multi-discipline, reflecting the modern nature of communications. We do social media, digital, events, influencer relations, content marketing and SEO, advertising, technical builds, design work and more.  

Mash is a small, nimble and helpful business that offers its clients many services.  We often recommend our clients do more than traditional PR in order to make their message resonate.  With this in mind we felt that labelling ourselves as a PR firm could be limiting. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason we are known as Mash.

We describe our business as a “creative communications agency with PR at the core,” which is pretty spot on. We also changed our website URL to a .agency domain.  We did keep the PR in the URL for SEO purposes and to continue the heritage we had already established.

In all honesty, there is no real creative thinking behind the name either - other than it was available and we love it.  Mash has personality and gets high recall.  

Over-thinking brand names for business is a road that can lead to disappointment.  If you look at the PR industry in recent years there have been many agency names phased in, changed, merged and phased out.  This costs money and wastes time. It is all semantics.

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