Jennie Halliday

Client Director

1) What is the key to success?

Love what you’re doing and being passionate about it 

2) What’s your life motto?

Be yourself, everyone else is taken - It’s a quote stolen from Oscar Wilde.

3) What keeps you awake at night?

My iPhone and social media! 

4) What’s your favourite life-changing gadget? 

I like my Google Chomecast as it lets me watch Netflix and catch up on my TV – not quite life changing but a nice addition 

5) What three things irritate you most in life?

Laziness, lateness, when people pretend to be “blonde” when really they are smart

6) What do you like about working at Mash PR?

The team as we all get on really well and can have a laugh. I also like the variety that our range of clients brings to my day