Stu Campbell-Carran

Managing Partner

1) What is the key to success?

I believe a cocktail of acceptance, honesty and realism is a pretty good approach.

2) What’s your life motto?

Solutions not problems. See my Guardian interview for more on this!

3) What keeps you awake at night?

My cat Lulu - as she is a duvet ninja and worries that I might sleep too

4) What’s your favourite life-changing gadget? 

My NutriBullet. I am addicted to juicing since receiving it as a Christmas present in 2016.  It has made a noticeable difference to my over all health and energy level.

5) What three things irritate you most in life?

Laziness, pessimism and lateness.  Dirtiness and loud chewing too. Yes, that's five things.

6) What do you like about working at Mash PR?

I love the energy and enthusiasm that my team has.  I am very proud of everyone who works at Mash and how they work together to achieve excellent results.

7) What type of biscuit would you be?

A ginger cream crunch…  because they are a little more exotic than your bog standard biscuit, they have a hard exterior and a soft inside. Sweet with a little heat.